1.2.1 released

Posted by Ming-Wei Shih on May 19 2009

Finally it has arrived, 1.2.1 is tagged in the svn and tarballs are available too. Get it while it’s fresh





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Linux Call Router project supports chan_lcr for Callweaver

Posted by Ming-Wei Shih on Apr 01 2009

The Linux Call Router Project has added support for CallWeaver into the chan_lcr channel driver.

LCR is the userspace frontend for the new mISDNv2 (socket branch) ISDN (BRI/PRI) driver that is also now part of linux kernel >= 2.6.27

See: source

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Posted by Ming-Wei Shih on Mar 31 2009

After long time waiting, here is the first release candidate for the next release of CallWeaver (1.2.1).

Most important things:

  • added support for TCP/TLS and SRTP (documentation, [r5358]) sample config inthe source.
  • requires spandsp 0.0.6pre7
  • bug fixes

You can try it by using svn (svn co http://svn.callweaver.org/callweaver/tags/1.2.1-rc1)

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